How to Make a Container Water Garden

A water garden also known as aquatic garden is a landscape water feature, either interior, exterior or architectural that houses and provides a habitat for various species of aquatic lives and plants. They also provide a serene environment for resting and relaxing. A water garden diversifies your planting and landscaping skills. Most of the water gardens are manmade, designed according to your specification. These designs however depend on your financial capability to build and maintain, but there is no cause of worry if you do not have enough capital to create a water garden resembles a natural one since there is a cheap design known as container water garden.

How to Build a Container Water Garden

To create a container water garden, you are required to have the following; Four inch clay pot, which is empty, a decorative container(five inch) which has a drain hole, creeping jenny (six inch), ribbon grass(four inch), one water hyacinth, about fourteen medium sized rocks, parrot feather cuttings and six inch plumbae taro.

Set the pond pot in a permanent location and clean it by rinsing with water. At the bottom centre of the pot, set the green taro then fill a third of the pot with rocks then fill the other half with clean water. Into the small decorative pot, place the grass ribbon then place the decorative pot behind the container. Then place the clay pot inverted on rocks in front of the pond, with this, place the creeping jenny on top of the inverted top then place them on the right side of the pond. Add water to the top of the container then put the floating materials, that is the water hyacinth and parrot feathers on the water surface.   Here is what it should look like.

With this, your container water garden has now been created. For maintenance, keep checking the level of water daily, adding water when necessary and during winter, keep the water garden indoors. For better flowering and plant growth, make sure you place your container water garden where it receives uninterrupted sun for six hours a day and during the extreme hot days, the afternoon shade is vital for the plants.

In conclusion, you do not require that much capital to design and build a water garden, you can use the little resources you have and create a container water garden which will also suit your relaxing needs. This container water garden is also important in a way that you can use it anywhere even in your office.