A Water Garden Can Completely Change Your Landscaping

The sound of running is one that most people find soothing, that is why so many people build homes next to rivers and oceans.  If waterfront property isn’t possible then you can bring the water to you.  A water garden can completely change your landscaping and create a serene space where you can unwind and just enjoy your garden.

Choosing Your Water Garden

There are a variety of different water features that you can incorporate into your landscaping or backyard garden.  You can choose a variety of fountains, pools or even a pond.  Here are a couple of different water gardens that you can choose.

Decorative Features

Decorative water can give you the soothing water feature that you like without redoing your landscaping.  You also still have a variety of options to choose from, you can have a simple bubbling urn or a container water garden.  All of the decorative water features are still going to have to be connected to power and water.  You can get them in a variety of sizes too, so even if you have a postage stamp sized backyard you can still have a decorative fountain.

One of the easiest water gardens to add to your existing landscaping with simple containers or tubs.  All you need is a shallow container, it can be of pretty much any shape and you just fill it with water and aquatic plants.  If you like the sound of a burbling brook but don’t live near one then you can get a bubbling urn.  It will need to be connected to the water supply but the water can be re-circulated with a pump.


A pond in your yard whether it is natural or one that you have put in is a whole ecosystem right in the backyard.  You will have bacteria, insects, fish and algae all living in the pond.  It is there to provide a living environment for the fish you will add to it.  These are more work than just a water feature but you can do it yourself or have pros come in and install your pond.  Koi ponds are extremely popular but there are other options as well.


You can install a waterfall without having to install a pond or a different kind of water feature.  You can place it near a wall but you are going to need some type of reservoir for the water.  You will also need a pump to circulate the water.  A waterfall is the easiest feature to maintain once you set it up you’re can largely leave it running.