4 Tips for a Successful Water Garden

A water garden is a landscape or architectural feature that is used to house and take care of a certain species of aquatic plant. A water garden can be natural or man-made. For a manmade water garden, here are some of the tips to follow so as to make it successful.

Simple start

While designing a water garden, it is advisable to start simple, that is you should start with what you have, not stressing about creating a design that you will not be capable of maintaining. Make sure you carryout a thorough research on how to design water gardens and come up with the simplest design possible that will meet your suit and will be easy to maintain.

Be nature motivated

This simply means that you should create a water garden that is compatible with nature, let it be as the nature would design it. Whether it is visual or functional aspects of the water garden, let them be realistic. Make the water feature look like it has been there for ages.


Your water garden should provide a diverse habitat for your aquatic life. The plants have various surviving environments that helps them play their role to the ecology effectively. Some are submerged, some float, some are marginal and others are emergent. So when designing your water garden, make sure it provides suitable habitats for these plants to grow.

Also provide shade and aeration, this makes your water garden more habitable, providing a cool environment where you can rest and maintain clean water. Shade help prevent water from turning green since the sun supports the growth of algae. Also make sure that your water is not stagnant, create fountains and waterfalls, this also helps in air circulation and sufficient oxygen is provided which is very important to aquatic life.

Add fish and observe

A water garden is not complete without fish, a very important aquatic beings since they help keep the water garden lively, for example by consuming mosquito larvae and algae, they also help in the recycling of nutrients.

On the case of observing, make sure you make the water garden your resting place, by these you get to observe and interact with the environment and get to learn what is need in the water garden and the changes that ought to be made so as to keep the water garden intact.